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Paralegals working in immigration law usually work in a law office or in-house at a corporation with an immigration lawyer. These paralegals may also work for nonprofit organizations that help refugees or immigrants navigate the appropriate channels. 

Part of the work an immigration paralegal performs includes visa arrangements and applications, public access records research, immigration/asylum law, naturalization law research, or assisting attorneys in defending against evictions.

Immigration Paralegal Services We Offer

Immigration paralegals often work closely with their legal staff to resolve immigration legal cases. The paralegals explain the required process for immigration and citizenship to make it easier for the clients. 

Many immigration paralegals facilitate immigrants becoming citizens by helping them complete naturalization forms. A few of the outsourcing immigration paralegal services we provide are as follows:


Immigrants are individuals who move to a country outside of their own. There are two categories of immigrants: refugees and non-refugees. Refugees are those who have been forced out of their homes due to war, famine, or persecution. Non-refugee immigrants are those who choose to leave their homes voluntarily. Paralegals assist immigrants in obtaining required documents and completing legal requirements.


A citizen is a status of being a permanent resident of a particular country. A person may obtain citizenship if they meet certain requirements. To become a citizen, a person must first apply for citizenship and file for legal procedures. A paralegal helps with managing the required documents and procedures.


Visa is a permit issued by a foreign embassy or consulate to allow entry into a specific country. Visas are generally valid for a set amount of time and are only good for travel purposes. Your main point of contact at a law firm is an immigration paralegal, who directly examines the case and ensures that the advice given is validated.

Why Choose Us For Outsourcing Immigration Paralegal Services?

→Personalized Experience

We have a team of experienced paralegal specialists whom you can rely on as these cases are sensitive. Businesses of all sizes that have trusted us and outsourced their paralegal services to us have grown considerably.

→Customized Plans

We have been the best at understanding the unique nature of each case and resolving them timely by catering to the specific requirements of the experts. Our team works together to provide customized plans for each project.

→Trust and Compliance Guaranteed

As a paralegal services provider, we completely understand how security and compliance are necessary for paralegal cases. Clients globally have entitled their trust in us and relied on us for their tasks to be completed on time.

→Saving Operational Cost

You can save more than 50% of your operational cost just by outsourcing your paralegal tasks to us.

→Dedicated Supervisor

We provide a skilled supervisor at no extra charge who is dedicated to a team working on your case. This ensures high-quality paralegal services to our clients.

→Smooth Onboarding Process

The important part we focus on from the first inquiry is to avoid the delay of the tasks and ensure smooth onboarding. From the first handshake, the requirements of the client are handled professionally by the team and executed promptly.

→No Setup cost

Unlike the other outsourcing businesses, we can help you cut the initial setup cost to have your case resolved and ensure quality simultaneously. This would save clients costs by more than 50% percent from the standard market price.

→Flexible Time zones

Our team of paralegals works with the client’s time zone in flexible hours so work is not delayed and completed on time ensuring quality and efficiency at the same time.

Outsource Immigration Legal Services

We provide immigration paralegal services to USA law firms. If you require immigration legal services in New York, Texas, California, San Francisco, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, San Jose, Dallas, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Boston, Portland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Phoenix, Arizona, San Antonio, San Diego or other parts of the US or any other state in the USA, you can outsource the service for your business with us.

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1. What are immigration services?

Immigration services involve legal representation and support for individuals and businesses seeking immigration-related services, including visas, citizenship, naturalization, green cards, and work permits. These services include case evaluation, immigration planning, filing petitions, representing clients in court, and negotiating with immigration authorities.

2. Why do law firms outsource immigration services?

To cut expenses, boost productivity, and get access to specialized expertise in immigration law, law firms may outsource immigration services.

3. What are the benefits of outsourcing immigration services for law firms?

Outsourcing immigration services for law firms can result in cost savings, increased effectiveness, access to specialist knowledge, and the freedom to concentrate on other legal issues.

4. What are the risks of outsourcing immigration services for law firms?

Law firms that outsource their immigration services run the danger of losing control over the legal process, experiencing communication problems, and receiving services of lower quality.

5. How can law firms manage the risks of outsourcing immigration services?

Law firms should carefully choose a service provider with a track record of providing high-quality services, establish clear communication channels and service level agreements, and retain monitoring of the outsourced functions to limit the risks involved with outsourcing immigration services.

6. What types of immigration services can be outsourced for law firms?

Case review, immigration planning, petition preparation and filing, client representation in court, and negotiations with immigration officials are all immigration services that law firms can outsource.

7. How do law firms choose an immigration services provider?

Law firms should assess immigration service providers based on their experience and competence, service quality, cost, and ability to meet service level agreements.

8. How can law firms ensure that outsourced immigration services meet their needs?

Law firms should establish precise service level agreements and periodically analyze performance metrics to make sure that the service provider is living up to expectations to ensure that outsourced immigration services suit their demands.

9. What are some best practices for outsourcing immigration services for law firms?

Clearly defining service level agreements, establishing efficient communication channels, maintaining oversight of the outsourced functions, and routinely reviewing performance metrics are all examples of best practices for outsourcing immigration services for law firms. Law firms should also ensure that the service provider fully comprehends their particular wants and specifications.

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