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The Paralegal Service Provider is fully owned by Outsourcing Business Solutions, a global professional company providing businesses with legal back-office support services. Our diverse solutions span a wide range of services including the paralegal industry, helping you improve your agility through a transformed customer experience.

We understand our client’s vision, then design strategies so they accelerate performance and deliver unparalleled results throughout the business lifecycle. We promise to be there for you through thick and thin, no matter what.

Our Values

With the dynamic market scenario, we have developed to become more effective due to our core principles and technical knowledge. Our substantial expertise and experience fuel our confidence and commitment to ensure successful outcomes. We understand the technicalities of the business and implement intensive security to protect your sensitive data.

Our Mission

The Paralegal Service Provider allows you to choose which part of your legal, case management, trial preparation, and other legal operations to outsource. We work with client staff to ensure all requirements are met timely. Data protection is a top priority for us as we employ stringent security measures and a team of experts. Our clients’ businesses have expanded significantly due to our paralegal services. We provide exceptional customer service with a team of paralegals who offer the skill and experience you need to run your business.

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Our Priorities

  • Provide expertise in the flawless execution of custom project requirements (short and long-term).
  • Significantly increase revenue and business productivity.
  • Provide a focused team for committed project management, acquisition, and transformation.
  • Offer round-the-clock support for our prospects and clients.
  • Deliver our team’s extensive knowledge and years of experience in vast domains as they work by your side.
  • Offer substantial cost savings and quality adherence.

Client's Testimonials


Moscow, CEO

Their dedicated team of paralegal professionals has consistently delivered high-quality work, helping us streamline our legal processes and improve efficiency.


Law Firm, USA

Paralegal Service Provider SP has allowed us to handle increased workloads with ease, ensuring timely document preparation, research, and case management.



Paralegal Service Provider dedicated team of paralegals has consistently delivered high-quality work, helping us streamline our legal processes and improve efficiency.


Rayn, Project Manager

Paralegal Service Provider expertise in legal research, legal document drafting, and administrative support has allowed our attorneys to focus on core legal tasks.


Law Firm, USA

Paralegal support from PSP has been vital in managing our complex caseload, providing thorough research, and ensuring accurate and timely documentation.


Wilson, Founder

We’ve been using the services of PSP since 3 years now, we loved working with Paralegal Service Provider! Great communication & premium legal support services.

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